Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Veet Easy Wax Review

I recently got to try the Veet Easy Wax kit thanks to influenster!!

This kit is really great, especially for people who are beginners at waxing. It comes with a great easy roll on wax unit, the wax, strips, and soothing wipes for after.

I myself am not a huge fan of waxing, I am such a baby! Plus I hate growing out my hair.

But I did it! And this kit made it so easy!

I do have some baby fine hairs that I was unable to wax up that I did have to shave, but for the most part all my thick hairs on my legs were removed, and have been gone for a week!
And in all honesty it didn't hurt THAT bad! :)

For anyone interested in trying an at home wax this is a kit I would recommend to you. For only $30 you get everything you need for about 2-3 uses

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

When it all became so real.....

When I first jumped in to the social media world of Beauty with my Instagram I did my best to attempt to keep it a secret from my real life. I was super shy and sort of embarrassed by it!

I was not someone with a lot of self confidence, so posting pictures of myself for people to look at, and actually critique ..let alone giving advice and ideas to someone was kind of a scary thing (and still sometimes is)! 

I was so lucky to find this huge group of girls who were fascinated and intrigued by the same things I was. Everyone gave me so much support and kind words, and still do! It's incredible!! 

Just yesterday I had basically my biggest fear about all this happen.....Instagram connected my beauty account to my Facebook.....NOOOO! seriously, this was my biggest fear, and it was scary, my heart sank into my stomach! People that I KNOW, in real life,  just found out that I have an account full of makeup and pictures of myself, not only that but a blog and videos.....oh no.....
All I could think about is what are they going to think of me?! Are they going to think I'm to ugly to be on here, that I'm stupid, are they going to laugh...UGHH! Seriously?! why facebook, why?! 

Then it kind of slapped me in the face....WHO CARES! 
Honestly, most people that I know could care less that I have all this, some might love it, some might make fun of me...but WHO CARES! Why should I care what people think when I love what I'm doing? 

This was the first time it all became real..

I slowly began to realize how incredible being a voice in this beauty community is. Yes it's a huge benefit for yourself, sharing a hobby with many other girls around the world. But there is so much more to it then that. You become an example, and a voice to all these young girls and women around you. 

As women we constantly hear things about how we aren't pretty enough if -- we aren't a size 0, we eat a cheeseburger, we are not tan enough, if our hair doesn't have enough volume, if we aren't 100% perfect then we are obviously not pretty enough....WELL THAT'S A BUNCH OF CRAP! 

I believe this beauty community isn't just about chatting with people who have the same hobby as you, but it's our job to remind every girl out there how uniquely beautiful they are! To give them the confidence they need to well....snap a picture of themselves and post it to Instagram. 

I love being a part of this community with all my heart, It's given me so much more confidence then I'd ever imagine. And I hope with all of this, I can do that for at least person out there. 

Thanks for reading

Friday, February 8, 2013

January Favorites!!

Hello Everyone! I cannot believe one month is already over for 2013. This post is all about my favorites for the month of January! This month there has been so many new products released as well as many on sale! So I couldn't help myself from picking up a lot of new goodies! I am so excited to share some of my newly discovered and amazing items with you all!

 You can watch my video here:

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 Favorites!

I'm sure you have heard this a million times by now, but who else still can't believe it is 2-0-1-3!!! HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!! I know, I know...I am a few days late on this post, but better late then never, right?! :)

2012 was a very interesting year for me, it was the first full year that both my husband and I have been on our own. Having jobs, paying bills, making dinners, DOING LAUNDRY! starting school, it's been crazy really feeling like an "adult".
This year was really the year I got to start kicking of my passion for beauty. Having my own job, making more money then I ever have in my life, making my own rules, I went a little "I'm going to buy whatever I want because I can" crazy! Oh, and I did! 
I had SO much to think about and go through when picking out my favorites. So I had to limit myself, one product for each sub-category. So lets get started!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Makeup collection

So I asked everyone on my Instagram what they thought my first video should be. Many of you responded back saying you would enjoy seeing my makeup collection! So I did just that.
What an experience this was! This was my first time ever recording, and editing a video! It was so fun and challenging!
I would love some advice about what programs you use for editing videos, also cameras you use and lighting ideas!

Can anyone let me know too if you can choose the screenshot for when you first click to play. Like right now it's just paused on the cream eye shadows, is there a way to change that? 

Also let me know in the comments some things that you would enjoy viewing on my blog!

I was thinking about also putting some recipes on here, and updates of my everyday life! Let me know if that would be something you would enjoy as well!

I love reading comments and chatting with people so please comment below! 

And here is my first video!!