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January Favorites!!

Hello Everyone! I cannot believe one month is already over for 2013. This post is all about my favorites for the month of January! This month there has been so many new products released as well as many on sale! So I couldn't help myself from picking up a lot of new goodies! I am so excited to share some of my newly discovered and amazing items with you all!

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This deep hair conditioner has been an INCREDIBLE find for me this month!! My mom is a hair stylist and she sent me this conditioner to try out. I first used it after I highlighted my hair, which if you've ever highlighted your hair you know that it becomes super dry and brittle. After using this conditioner my hair was softer, shiny and healthier then it has EVER looked before! 
I put it on my wet hair for about 30 minutes (I personally like taking a bath with deep conditioners!) then just rinse it out! Sometimes I will also leave this on over night, or use it with my hair dryer to get some heat! If you are looking for a great deep conditioner go try this ASAP!! 

I recently just bought this and I have fallen in love! I've tried a few products from Boscia and they have never failed to amaze me. This has been the best makeup remover for my face. I use this at night rub it all over my face to remove my makeup, (I do use a cotton pad and eye makeup remover for my eyes) then I just rinse this off, use a toner, some moisturizer and that's it! It's really helped me stick to washing my face every night because it's so quick and easy, and it's been helping my skin clear up and look amazing!

I love NYX lip-glosses, they smell amazing, taste amazing and look amazing! This one recently has been a favorite of mine becauseRe I have been just loving a perfect light pink lip and this color does the trick!

I have yet to find better lip stains then the revlon balm stains! They are incredible with lasting power. They don't over dry your lips at all (however a little balm before doesn't hurt), and they feel amazing!
I have been loving this color in Honey and think it pairs wonderfully with the NYX lipgloss in Nude Pink. Helps to keep the perfect light pink lip lasting all day! 

I cannot say enough good things about these babies! I found them at CVS with the Nivea lotions (I was searching for them for like 10 minutes!! LOL) I wasn't expecting these to be as amazing as they truly are! I have never used a lip butter, chapstick, or lip balm that is this moisturizing! Most balms that I use feel like they don't really deep moisturize and as soon as they are off my lips I need more. It's not that way with these, when you put them on your lips and even when the product wears off you're lips will feel very moisturized still. Plus, they smell INCREDIBLE! 

Lush Twilight Bath Gel (3.3 fl oz) - Limited Edition

There are not enough words to describe this scent, it smells so delicious! Twilight is a great bath gel because it is a thick shower gel, with a strong scent, and a great bright purple with a few sparkles throughout it. The sparkles do not stick to your skin all day, but they are a very nice touch in the gel! If you've ever used the Lush Twilight bath bomb, this smells JUST like it, but much stronger!

There are not enough words to describe this 

Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner 

I could not believe how well this product worked! You smooth it onto your skin like you would a lotion but there is no need to rub it in as much, after you rinse it off your skin is so smooth and soft, and the best part you don't need to put on any lotion after! This is a great product for anyone who is always on the go!

I have fallen in love with C. Booth this month, I purchased a few of their products and couldn't believe how incredible they were! All of they're products are just a few dollars more expensive if not the same price as drug store products but work just as well as high end products! The one product that really stuck out to me this month was the Walnut Shell Body Scrub and Cleanser. It smells so incredible like creamy brown sugar! It also scrubs your skin so well and really gets it clean! Great for the dry winter months :) 

I love love love this perfume by Jessica Simpson, this was in my 2012 favorites as well because it still has a special place in my heart. It has such a warm and sweet smell, like amber and caramel mixed together. Whenever I spray this I feel so relaxed and happy! Makes me want to wrap myself up in a blanket and read a book with a nice cup of hot cocoa!

I have been LOVING these colors for this month, they are so different from each other but each so great. Don't sweater it is a great purplish gray, and Butler Please is a perfect cobalt blue !

This palette has been on of my go to makeup products this month, it has the perfect matte colors that blend together beautifully to make the perfect natural look each and everyday. I love that it includes venus a shimmer white color, it is the perfect color for a brow highlight and for the inner corner of your eyes!

This tinted moisturizer is perfect for those who have dry skin and want a little extra coverage from their tinted moisturizer! This has been perfect for me this time of year because it really moisturizes my skin and all I need to cover up beautifully is a light powder on top! 

DIY Brush Cleaner

A bunch of you on my Instagram helped me with how to make my own DIY brush cleaner, and this turned out way better then I expected it to! My recipe was olive oil (2/5), dish soap (2/5), and vinegar (1/5). This really cleaned my brushes, softened them and sanitized them! If you are looking for a great brush cleaner I HIGHLY recommend making this :) 

Timothy's World Coffee, Kahlua Original, 24-Count K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 2)

I cannot say enough good things about Kahlua coffee! It is SOOO yummy and delicious! I love having my cup (or two) every morning! It takes me to my happy place :) It tastes like coffee flavored coffee, which sounds really weird but if you have ever had coffee flavoring it's slightly sweeter then regular drip coffee and almost has a caramel taste to it! So good!! 

**I've tried to make it really simple for you to find products that you might want to learn more about, if you click on the product name under any of the photos it will take you to an amazon page with the product! I love using amazon in this way because not only is it accessible to anyone, since some of us don't have easy access to some of these products, the other reason I love using amazon is because the prices can be SO much cheaper!! 

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